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What is the purpose of my website?

The classic idea of having a website is limited to Brand recognition, appearance and giving information to match one’s business. But now in today’s scenario, it has been drastically changed. You need an online presence to increase your revenue.
Nowadays people are looking for your product or service online, but you are nowhere to be found. You spend a fair amount of money on local advertisements, classifieds, yellow pages, and other ads which is, unfortunately, did not get notice, So have you ever thought of taking some of that money and moving it over to your online presence? Let’s say two-three years from now what is going to be more important to your business your online presence or your traditional media ads? Instead of spending on local ads every week/ month it’s better to have a strong foundation of your online presence..

We have 3 sets of criteria:

  1. Normal Packages: here we charge 60% of the amount before your project starts and the remaining 40% via Post Dated Cheque (PDC) at the time of SIGN UP with Orbosys Cooperation.
  2. Offer/ Discount Packages: The short term offer packages can be availed by paying 100% amount in advance.
  3. Reseller Program: Our Free Website package and Online presence package are available where you do not need to pay anything upfront.

NO, there is no bond but we have a one-page enrollment form that is required to be filled by the client-side for our client list. This form will have general information and the services you will be availing of along with an approved quotation.

Not exactly, it always depends upon your requirements. We do have a minimum criterion though. Also, our firm keeps on having some discount program which can be availed from time to time.
We understand the need first and quote you the best possible rates which are competitive as we never compromise on quality and service commitment.
We are looking for a long term relationship with our clients.
We don’t cost you a BOMB, our prices will make your CFO smile!!!.

  • Nowadays local businesses and individually owned businesses spend so much money on local Newspapers, Yellow pages, Classified, etc. They spend a lot of money per week, per month just to word out their service and product and to increase their visibility and sales. Does that work? Yes up to a certain extent!!! Recently Local Consumer Review Survey looked at the way consumer behavior has changed since 2010. Interestingly, one of the key findings was that most people surveyed were just as likely to turn to the internet, as they were to ask for personal recommendations about local businesses. 85% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses.
    The Solopreneurs or the individual owners hesitate to put a certain amount of money upfront. Our Free Website Program takes that money completely away!! The website which we provide is not a cheesy, junky or cheap website. Those are designed and developed by our core developers under the guidance of a project manager to provide you a full custom one-page professional website.
    Interested in knowing HOW???

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