Literally, An eBook that compiles the best of strategies for fast Instagram Growth. I am already implementing this and with these daily actions I've to share you the proven growth tactics.

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This eBook contains the most required information to grow your Instagram Profile in 2020 regardless of your niche and Industry.

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Get private Facebook group community support for all the Instagram aspirants to connect and have a group discussion and Q&A

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We keep on working and keep on striving to make this eBook better, you get free updates of the eBook, with absolutely no extra cost for an Year.

Drastic Growth

Check your Instagram account growing constantly for your personal and professional benefits with this small guide

Video Clips

Amazing video clips to support your Instagram growth journey.Literally some amazing value that your get in expensive paid courses.

Gallery of Journey

Here are some images of the Instagram journey me and my members are persuading to strive the goal we have in our mind. This how it actually looks like!

A strategy which can bring you a lot of traction and qualified people to you! let us take the example of #60secvjaychallenge, how your audience can be a part of your campaign.

Your organic reach can be increased using Hashtags, you know it! What you might not know is exactly which hashtag are going to a be the game-changers to build your account's authority.

HOW to get more FOLLOWERS on Instagram has always been your question! So, are you willing to take action now and see the similar kind of reults for yourself too?

It has already been said that ENGAGEMENT is always the key for a better visibility and to know the platform that your account matters. So, does your audience engage with you?

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This eBook contains everything I’ve learnt and found to work well on Instagram right now, no matter how the algorithm changes day to day.
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Members Reviews

Here are some amazing feedback from our existing members who are already using this eBook to leverage Instagram platform. I Love This one!

Ameeta Davis

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Tannu Singh

This Instagram E-Book helped me a lot in growing
my Instagram Profile, i learnd things from this E-Book which i didn’t knew before.

Pallav Mittal

If you are serious about Instagram and want to reach an audience of more than a Billion people.

You are at the right place, instead of telling a story, I would highly recommend just take the benefit of Vardankur sir experience and knowledge of Instagram and Digital Marketing.

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I don’t want anything to stop you from getting Instagram Growth right now.

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And it has the potential to get you results regardless of your background, your skills, or your online experience.

That’s why I’m going to include all of the strategy and give you full access for updates and community support to make sure Instagram growth is for you and updates  all of the risk and give you a full 30 days to make sure Instagram Growth

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If you’re already tired of trying different things to grow on Instagram,

This eBook contains exactly what to need to get the edge for your Instagram journey.

5 Phase System

Step-by-step, in-detail info for Instagram growth with Vardankur’s eBook guiding you through the entire process.

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You will be able to access the updates of the eBook,and resources on our website and FB Group. SAVE THE LINK!

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We’re going to avail you our private group in Facebook for unique insights, daily discussions and more!

Bonuses Content

Updates, Bonus Videos, Worksheets, PDFs, & More Study Material, within this eBook itself to keep you going.

WE ALSO HAVE amazing BONUSES only for you

For Those Who Are Serious About Taking Action

Bonus 1 - IKIGAI

Get to know, what you can do on Instagram, I mean YOU. This will give a sense of meaning for why are you on Instagram

Bonus 2 - Custom BIO

An attractive profile not only intrigue people to connect with you but also makes you searchable. know the exact formula to define yourself.

Bonus 3 - Content Calendar

There’s a DFY Content calendar already prepared for your 90 days of content of what your should be posting. Literally for every single day.

Bonus 4 - 3-Ts

We have compiled the best of tips, tricks and tools that you can use in your journey of Instagram growth. You are going to love this.

bonus 5 - The Monetization

How you can make use of your Instagram to get more clients, customers or earnings, is covered in this separate section of eBook.


Here are the frequently asked questions and their answers for this eBook and overall Instagram growth.


How do I get the Access of complete eBook?

As soon as you complete the payment, you will get the option to download the file instantly. Also, a copy of download details will be sent to your email id.

in case you find any difficulty to access the file, you can email us at

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’ve been looking, how to grow on Instagram and ready to create a Small Business, or willing to get known and popular.

If you’re looking, how to start your journey to become a Social Influence, attract clients and customers and even earn online, this program is for you.

Get the support you need to cut through the noise, focus on becoming profitable fast and leverage social in the right way to build your Instagram authority.

Will I be getting any Support or training?

You’re going to get involved into our Facebook private group for all the members who are purchasing this eBook and you will be getting community support.

*there is no one on one or group or training course or video that will be provided with this eBook.

Does this eBook contain advanced Instagram course?

NOPE, This eBook is not a full-fledged advance course, in fact this is something me and my members have been implementing and found that this is currently working to grow on Instagram and we are sharing our strategies.

It’s a Mini Course you can say, which will definitely help you to grow on Instagram.

Do you guarantee results?

It all depends on you, I have mentioned everything I know and which is working for me and my members but Not everyone is going to get the same results, or even the results.

If you sincerely implement the strategies and tactics in this eBook you should definitely expect good results.

But, if you don’t do anything about it or buy this eBook and never open it, it is not going to help.

As Gary vee says, you can’t lose weight by reading about push-ups.

Also, each person’s growth depends upon many factors few of them are as follows: Niche, Location, Target Audience, Age, Quality, Consistency etc.

So, if you’re willing to put in the work you will get results.

We’ve also incorporated few fast ways to get results though!

That always helps!

How can you help us grow, you only have a small following!

This is the reason this eBook is available at such a low price my friend.

I have started working on Instagram around a month ago and since then I have grown a lot and I am growing constantly happily.

As a Digital Marketing Coach since many years now, it was not very much difficult for me to crack the Insta algo.

As of now I might be around 5K followers, but as soon as I cross 10K this eBook is going to get updated and the price will go up soon.

I can help you grow your Instagram to at least 10K as of now for sure, but once I achieve my milestone.

you might have to pay more for the same information.

keep an eye on how I am growing and you will know that I am qualified enough to teach you the same. some screen shot above are from my account only. 😎

How to grow on Instagram

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it’s potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can easily claim to be an expert or to make you an expert. This eBook is not going to make you the “expert” of Instagram nor it will drastically change your life, earnings or business, , there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in this product.

इस eBook कोर्स में आपको Instagram पे growth कैसे करें, बहुत अच्छे से समझने की कोशिश की गयी है, इस eBook कोर्स को करके कोई भी Instagram मार्केटिंग का एक्सपर्ट नहीं बन सकता, लेकिन आपको Instagram Marketing में क्या होता है, कैसे होता है सब पता होगा, आपको एक तेज़ी से ग्रोथ देखने भी मिल सकता है अगर आप बताये गए तकनीकों को ठीक से इस्तेमाल में लाएं, और आपके expert बनने का सफऱ ज़रूर शुरू जाएगा।



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