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We provide our customers Digital Marketing, custom WordPress Blog, SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Analytics and much more. We help you to represent your brand/ products/ services to attract, engage and convert customers online.
Vardankur Media also offers Digital Marketing Training in Dehradun and in Dehradun for fresh graduates and those who want to pursue their career in Digital Marketing.
Whether you are having your own business, Digital marketing will always help you to uplift your rank on Google with SEO tools and techniques, we help to sell and advertise online and generate more traffic and ROI using Social Media Marketing if you are a B2B Player we can do lead generation for you through E-mail Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing.
We provide marketing on various social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many other online platforms to help your brand or services to scale and reach out to your untouched potential customers.

About us - digital marketing course in dehradun
digital marketing course in dehradun

What Do We Do?

We give you the beauty of Online Presence. We take care of you in a web-like world. Weave the Web. We build you a really beautiful and professional website. We design the way where we match your imagination and vision. We give you the support and help as it was never before. We create your existence in the world we live in. We help you with our Value-added services to make sure you are having the complete option to avail the maximum benefits. We make sure everything works properly for you.

HOW Do We Do?

Business Model Based Projects: We believe in our unique business model for everyone which helps them to clearly understand what we offer, the variety of Plans and Programs to our clients to choose from with every flexibility we can to make sure they get the best of offers and get satisfied. We do this by letting them know how and what it works to sustain in this online golden era of competition, we educate them on why and how they can stand out in the web-like world. We also providing different programs for Entrepreneur and for Corporate and even to those who already have their online presence.

Why Do We Do?

We believe in creating a platform where you and your business can flourish. Beautifully designed websites should be accessible to everyone. Uncluttered and structured data that makes sense should be visible to your customers. Our dream is to give you that platform, that online presence where you can project what you do and how you do it. To protect your business on a National/ Global-scale you need our WWW strategy – Weave Web. We give you the chance to showcase what you’re good at. So instead of going to people, “please buy my product/ services” you’d let your work do the talking. Actions speak louder than words.

From the Desk of Chairman

Education has been an Integral part of our life. We still follow the conventional way of teaching methods and making our kids do the same thing we did. In 2020, when a new decade and a new era is about to begin, we should understand that the future doesn’t only belongs to people with degree but people with Skills.

Skills like Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Marketing Automation, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Do not prepare for jobs only prepare for your own market value and that is what we believe in at Sinha Consolidated.
We’re committed to train you, coach you and help you as much as we can so that you can achieve your dream and transform into something that will give you an amazing tomorrow.

Jai Gurudev,
Anamika Sinha
Chairperson – Vardankur Media

Chairperson Vardankur media - Anamika Sinha about us

Management Team

Vardankur Sinha

Vardankur Sinha

Director Marketing

Vardankur Sinha is an entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Vardankur Media, a full-service digital agency and web design servicing start-ups and established business across the globe from Dehradun (UK) India.

Gunjan Saxena - Vardankur media

Gunjan Saxena

Managing Director

Gunjan Saxena- She is the Director of Vardankur Media Pvt. Ltd. She has the power by the board to carry out company’s daily operations and deal with the issues and compliance of the company at the highest level. She manages, controls or coordinate the undertakings of company.


Vardankur media Team- Chandan Farswan

Chandan Pharswan

Mr Chandan Pharswan is the Technical Seo handler with over 5 years of experience. He takes every work as his priority and has a record of submitting the work on time. Keeping his work as his priorities his core capabilities are:

Vardankur media Team- Anand

Anand Mehar

Mr Anand Mohan is a person who lives up to every work that is assigned to him. He plays with his creative mind and tend to make out of the box graphics.  He is good at Visual Graphics, Cinema graphs, Print Designs

DIya Goal

Dia Goal

Ms Dia Goel would be taking care of all the research that is necessary for your website. It majorly includes: Competitor Analysis, Backlinks for website and Track report and analyse website.

Vardankur media Team- Tannu SIngh

Tannu Singh

Ms Tannu Singh is dedicated to her work and she handles all the work with proper responsibility and is expert in bringing out guaranteed results. She is good at:


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